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Are Beards Here to Stay or Just a Fad?

Count the number of beards these guys are rocking, it’s way more than you’d think.

Is it me, or does every guy you see have a beard these days? beards are in movies, TV shows, commercials, and many celebrities have grown them. I’m not complaining, as I think a well-groomed beard can look sexy on a man. But I don’t trust the average guy to take it upon themselves to keep it clean and maintained.

That’s the funniest part of the whole dating scene for me. Guys have trouble staying neat and tidy. I mean, how hard is to take a shower every day and do your laundry. Take care of your body and put on arm charm. Get a hair cut. It’s not difficult at all. Of all the things that a guy has to do to impress women, this one is simple. So, to add the element of grooming a beard seems hard. I dated this guy for a while that watched youtube videos on beard grooming, but he still seemed to still screw it up. I think it boils down to the tools he used. I bought him a beard grooming kit for his birthday and it really helped. I think he was using a two dollar plastic comb he bought at a gas station before that. Now that I think about it, our relationship ended shortly after he shaved his beard. The clean shaved look made him look younger, and I think deep down it just made me feel older. Whatever, Random post.. happy Friday.